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I've changed my battery and my audio system is asking for a CDE / PIN.

As a security measure, your audio system may require a code to be entered if power is taken away from the system. Instructions for radio PIN code entry can also be found in your Audio System Handbook.


  1. If the stereo screen shows ‘1 CDE’ this is an indication that you need to enter your anti-theft security pin code
  2. Your security pin code is supplied to the owner of the vehicle on a blue card that is of similar size to a credit card, and generally provided with the owner’s manual and service passport when a new vehicle is sold. If this card has been misplaced or stolen, the vehicle, along with registration papers will need to be taken to your nearest Hyundai Dealership to have the code retrieved from the serial number on the audio unit itself. For security reasons, this cannot be done over the phone and Hyundai Australia do not keep the security pin codes on file. Charges for labour costs and code retrieval may apply.
  3. For example if your anti-theft security code was 9805 it would be entered as follows:
    1. Press pre-set button number one (1), Nine (9) times until a 9 appears on the screen
    2. Press pre-set button number two (2), Eight (8) times until an 8 appears on the screen
    3. Press pre-set button number three (3), Ten (10) times until a 0 appears on the screen
    4. Press pre-set button number four (4), Five (5) times until a 5 appears on the screen
    5. Check that the pin code shown on your stereo screen is ‘9805’
    6. Press pre-set button number five (5), once to activate the pin code
  4. Important: If you have entered the incorrect code or used an incorrect procedure at your first attempt, your stereo screen will show the following message ‘2 CDE’. This means that the correct instructions have not been followed or you have entered the incorrect pin code
  5. If the stereo screen shows the message ‘3 CDE’, this means that the correct instructions have not been followed or you have entered the incorrect pin code.
  6. If you fail to succeed to enter the correct pin code at the third attempt, your stereo will turn off. You will need to wait at least one hour before attempting to re-enter the correct anti-theft security pin code number using the procedure above.


If you have any problems with entering the code using the above procedure, we would suggest presenting the vehicle to your nearest Hyundai dealership for assistance. A full list of Hyundai dealerships can be located at http://www.hyundai.com.au/find-a-dealer.


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