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Frequently asked questions

Does LPG affect my Hyundai's fuel economy?

Hyundai vehicles are calibrated to make the best use of available petroleum fuels (including E10). This ensures the car's driveability, economy and most importantly, emissions are optimised. This calibration is locked into the Engine Control Module and cannot be changed. These vehicles do have the ability to adapt somewhat to most fuels used, however, LPG may lie outside this ability to adapt, so the onus would then be on the LPG fitter to ensure the car complies with all emission controls. Remember, at law, the final requirement to meet Government Emission Rules rests with the vehicle owner in the case of a modified vehicle.


Customers should be warned that the calorific value of LPG is different to petrol, and so a reduction in L/100km can be expected. The lubricity of LPG is less than petrol (LPG is often described as ‘dry') and so the car should be driven on petrol periodically. Some modern LPG injection systems actually start the car on petrol and change over to gas when the engine is warm for this very reason.

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