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How do I activate my Hyundai Premium Roadside Support?

How can I change my mailing address, phone number, email address, or login password on myHyundai?

I have just taken ownership of a user Hyundai, what do I do?

What is the radio PIN code for my vehicle? How do I get my radio PIN?

I have a technical question concerning a particular feature on a Hyundai vehicle. Where do I go?

If I leave it too long between my scheduled servicing periods will it affect my warranty?

When and how can I update my satellite navigation system?

Can I modify my car and if so, what will happen to my warranty?

If I have my vehicle serviced by someone other than a Hyundai Dealer, will this void my warranty?

I need a Hyundai Owners Manual or Service Passport for a particular model. Can you help?

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