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Frequently asked questions

What is the Lifetime Service Care Program?

The Hyundai Service Care program covers all Hyundai passenger, SUV and light commercial vehicles from 1985 model year onwards.

Eligible vehicles are entitled to scheduled maintenance services at participating authorised Hyundai dealers for a price not exceeding the published price for the relevant service. Entitlement applies for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Prices for standard scheduled maintenance services on eligible vehicle can be found by obtaining an online quote at https://www.hyundai.com/au/en/owning/servicing#lifetime.

The following vehicle information will be required (model year, model and variant).

The prices quoted apply for a stated effective period only, and may change without notice. Hyundai Motor Company Australia reserve the right to add or remove eligible vehicles, vary the program, make changes to the terms and conditions, or withdraw the program without notice.

You can find out more about our Lifetime Service Care program by viewing the full Terms and Conditions.


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