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Frequently asked questions

What is not covered under the Lifetime Service Care cost?

Additional service/ repair items which are not itemised within the relevant “maintenance schedule” specified for the relevant service interval are not covered for the published price. These include:

(a) any item identified as requiring additional maintenance due to particular, demanding or severe driving conditions (as described in the vehicle’s Service Passport), vehicle misuse or abuse or driver negligence;
(b) any item requiring maintenance that has been modified from the original manufacturer;
(c) any item requiring service or replacement as a result of wear & tear and consumable items requiring periodic maintenance or replacement such as;

  • Brake Fluid
  • tyres;
  • brake pads & rotors, clutch components;
  • wheel alignments, rotation & balances;
  • batteries;
  • wiper blades / rubbers;
  • pollen (A/C) filters; and
  • fuses, light bulbs and the like;

(d) any fluids not specified within the normal scheduled maintenance, use of non-recommended, inappropriate or dirty fuel, oils, fluids, lubricants, coolants, refrigerants or water;
(e) additional maintenance due to the fitment or use of non-genuine parts or non-genuine accessories;
(f) repair of accident damage to any component of the vehicle necessitating additional maintenance;
(g) adjustments not specified within the normal scheduled maintenance;
(h) multi (catch up) servicing.

You can find out more about our Lifetime Service Care program by viewing the full Terms and Conditions.
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