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Frequently asked questions

Is the hydrogen fuel in the vehicle dangerous?

The ix35 Fuel Cell is designed to meet the strictest global vehicle safety standards, like all the safest cars do – over 30 of the vehicles have been crash-tested to verify its level of safety. It has passed the North American NHTSA test, one of the world’s toughest.


Many Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell vehicles are now operational on public roads around the world, including California and countries throughout Europe. That is testament to their safety.


The car’s hydrogen tanks are constructed with steel and carbon composite wrap, enough to contain the gas at a maximum operating pressure of 700bar (10,000psi). The hydrogen tanks have had bullets fired at them, have been put into fire baths and subjected to other extreme tests like drop test, burst pressure and crash tests to verify their strength – fuel pressure is greatly reduced before it enters the vehicle’s fuel cell stack.


In short, the ix35 Fuel Cell is an extremely safe car.


It is also worth noting that Australia is quite advanced with the use of other gaseous fuels like LPG and CNG, so hydrogen gas technology – more advanced than LPG – should represent no great challenge for Australia in safety terms. 


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