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Frequently asked questions

Why are you doing this? What is the long-term plan?

Although we are fascinated by the potential of a large-scale hydrogen transport network in Australia, we are – first and foremost – a vehicle manufacturer and an advocate of the technology.


We were first to mass-produce a hydrogen car and we will remain at the forefront of this technology. However, it is up to governments and other interested parties to plan and construct a hydrogen transport infrastructure for the future.


We at Hyundai think there is great potential for the future with hydrogen in Australia, but we cannot fund or plan infrastructure on our own. Overseas examples would seem to show the benefits clearly, and, as in other parts of the world, Hyundai will assist with partnerships in every way possible.


Over the past years, we at Hyundai Australia have spoken with just about every major hydrogen infrastructure manufacturer in the world and studied hydrogen projects in California, Germany, the UK and Scandinavia.


In October 2014 we attended hydrogen infrastructure project meetings in Paris to learn how cooperative projects operate with the support of Governments, car makers and infrastructure manufacturers.  


Could a ‘Hume by Hydrogen’ highway be built by 2020? Of course. The potential is there for hydrogen highways and for even more ambitious plans to power remote communities using solar and hydrogen technology – such schemes could include completely emissions-free transport built in, with the capability to use hydrogen to store energy for when it’s most needed.


Over the past few years, discussions have been held with global infrastructure manufacturers, with one even showing interest in manufacturing the hydrogen stations in Australia – a great way to create engineering and manufacturing jobs here.


Hyundai Motor Company Australia is committed to hydrogen technology, but it will only work if vehicle and infrastructure manufacturers work together with businesses and Governments to start planning for a greener future today.


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