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Frequently asked questions

My car has been involved in an accident: How can I make sure my repairer fits genuine parts to my car?

Step1: Know what your insurance covers.

Before reporting your accident to the insurance company, check what your car insurance covers. The whole insurance process will be easier if you know the details of your coverage. The amount of money your insurance company will spend on repairing your car depends on your policy. Some insurers prefer to use cheaper non-genuine parts, a choice which could lead to inferior parts being fitted to your car. Why compromise? As a Hyundai owner, your insurance company should make all repair options clear especially concerning the quality of replacement part.

Step2: Insist on Genuine Parts.

Once your policy options are established, the process of returning your car to its original condition starts. For quality, fit and safety, insist on Hyundai Genuine Parts. Check whether your policy states your car will be returned to ‘pre-collision’ condition, including the use of Hyundai Genuine Parts.

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