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Frequently asked questions

VIDEO: How do I wash a Matt paint car?

The following materials are to be used when hand-washing a vehicle with matt paint finish (it is not advised to use any mechanised car wash);

  • Remove foreign substances such as insect remains, tar, and road debris using a soft applicator and a mild solvent; saturate and soak area with water before cleaning - rub lightly.
  • Only use a microfibre chenille wash mitt when washing.
  • Use a pH balanced soap and avoid caustic detergents and harsh degreasers.
  • Two buckets of water are required to rinse the wash mitt to avoid scratching.
  • Microfibre chenille chamois.
  • Microfibre towel.
  • Matt finish vehicles do not require wax, polish or anything else to create shine.

Check out our video below on Veloster SR Turbo Matt Paint Customer Care.


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